DocJuris University — Workshop III


You've leveled up! This Workshop III is for skilled users who are interested in managing, configuring, training, and testing playbooks and templates. 



This is an advanced function that takes time to learn and execute well. Our legal engineering team is here to help you with the journey.

Lesson Topic Admin Only Guide
5.01 Playbook configuration guides Open
5.02 Import a contract playbook via Excel Open
5.03 Creating and editing a playbook generally Open
5.04 Creating issues/groups and sample contracts Open
5.05 Setting up search tags Open
5.06 Defining preferred positions Open
5.07 Defining counterparty positions Open
5.08 Playbook tagging in counterparty NDAs Open
5.09 Building a playbook from markups Open
5.10 Sample starter playbooks Open


Templates make it easy to draft contracts (Contract Templates) and customize how amendments and exception tables are exported (Export Templates).

Lesson Topic Admin Only Guide
6.01 Draft a Contract From a Template   Open
6.02 Choose an Export Template on Export   Coming Soon
6.03 Create and Manage Contract Templates Coming Soon
6.04 Create and Manage Export Templates Coming Soon