June 1, 2020 | Markup Enhancements and Analytics

Gaby Estrada
Gaby Estrada
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Open Issues Heads Up

  • While reviewing a contract, the "home" pane on the left side provides a heads up on the number of open issues in the playbook. As a recap, issues in a playbook can be open or closed based on the checklist. In some cases involving comparisons or incoming redlines to your standard form, the checklist will be automated. Below the playbook and "heads up," a list of provisions related to a topic may appear, provided you and/or your team have tagged provisions in completed contracts previously.

Edit / Redline Tables

  • You can edit tables in DocJuris, all in track changes. Upon export, retain the fidelity, format, and style of the base document including your form or a third party's form of agreement.

Dedicated Find and Replace for Faster Markup

  • While reviewing a contract, you can press ctrl+f or the "Find & Replace" button to precisely replace language in the contract via track changes. You can also use this window to "jump" to relevant areas of the contract as well.
  • Before, find and replace for the contract was tucked in a tab above the playbook. In DocJuris, swapping terms in your playbook is a dedicated button.

Time-Saving Comparison Between Turns

  • After uploading a new turn/version to a contract, DocJuris will perform a better comparison of changes and streamline the available edits (i.e., incoming redlines).
  • A counterparty's changes made without track changes will be marked with a "DocJuris Change Detection" flag.
  • Changes accepted or ignored in Word by the counterparty will be marked closed in DocJuris.
  • As a reminder, a new turn/version can be added to a contract while viewing a contract or by visiting the home-screen (https://app.docjuris.com) > View All Contracts > click ...:

Real-time Outline Styles and "Intentionally Omit" Option

  • DocJuris allows you to create and manipulate outline styles using your TAB key or by clicking the indent icon above the editor - changes to the contract outline will export perfectly back to Word.
  • You can also"one-click" intentionally omit a provision from a contract and retain cross-references (best practice). Looking for an "X" to the right of any section in the contract. These subtle improvements will save you time and risk.

Time Tracking Analytics

  • DocJuris will track active edit time on key issues across your contract types. Paragraphs must be tagged with a topic (i.e., issue) in order to take advantage of time tracking. We'll keep you updated on when your data will be available for download.
  • Further, it's important to mark turns as complete to save Previous Redlines and save analytics on your . You'll find the "complete" option as the first checkbox in the export window:

Other Improvements

  • Faster contract upload and export.
  • Ability to import existing playbooks and contracts via our Excel template.
  • Better display and manipulation of outline styles in contracts.
  • Taxonomies can be improved without impacting time-tracking analytics.
  • DocJuris uses Zendesk to handle support tickets. Anyone can send an email to support@docjuris.com to report issues, request features, or anything else. For ongoing support requests, our team is setting up tickets.


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