Nov. 17, 2020 | Coauthoring, Advanced Commenting, and API

Gaby Estrada
Gaby Estrada
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Adding to an arsenal of tactical tools that save time and risk, DocJuris significantly improves its editing interface, introduces an agnostic contract lifecycle management API, and empowers teams with new, practitioner-focused technology:

New Commenting Experience

  • Elegantly separate your internal comments during drafting and review with the all-new commenting pane. In DocJuris, your team can internally discuss provisions without worrying about manually scrubbing comments before sending the contract to the other side.
  • For example, while in the comments pane, your team can have an internal discussion around warranties and work together on the draft by sharing the contract link. All internal comments remain in the DocJuris app, and all designated external comments and threaded replies are shown in the export back to Word.
  • In addition, DocJuris landed several other improvements to commenting including (1) commenting on specific words and phrases, (2) clearer author designation, and (3) replying in threads. In all cases, the export to Word will be perfectly formatted.

Edit Contracts, Together

  • Share the contract link and redline/comment together! In DocJuris, your team doesn't have to battle email, combine drafts, or wait around for feedback on contracts before moving the ball forward.
  • For example, share the contract link with finance and insurance and have them look at Sections 5 and 10. Legal and sales focus on reviewing pricing and liability in Sections 7 and 8.
  • By design, two users cannot edit the same provision simultaneously - after all, you wouldn't want two people working on an indemnity clause at the same time :)

Jump Back

  • Scroll through your contract and jump back to where you were editing previously with one click. In DocJuris, you won't lose your place while navigating a contract.
  • For example, while editing a warranty provision, you can scroll up or down to the defined term to read other sections of the contract. Go back to where you were editing with one-click!

Complex Contracts at Scale

  • Analyze long, complex contracts and load 200+ page PDFs in DocJuris' new virtualized editing experience, all on the web with zero Word plug-ins required.
  • For example, when a large document is detected, DocJuris will analyze the document in the background of the app and notify you when it's ready to be opened.

DocJuris API for Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

  • Get the most out of your contract management systems with the DocJuris API!
  • Our new, purpose-fit plugin environment enables integration into contract lifecycle management systems. Some use cases include:
  • programmatically push a PDF or Word doc to DocJuris from a contract record or intake form; and,
  • round trip a draft redline prepared in DocJuris back to your contract system, all without leaving the browser.
  • If you would like to explore our API documentation, please drop us a line at

Playbook Import via Excel

  • Set up a playbook 60% faster via the attached playbook template. To get started, please reach out to, and we'll send you our new Excel playbook template:
  • Depending on your available support credits, we'll take it from there and deliver the playbook in DocJuris.

Enhanced Tables and AI

  • Match and redline concepts inside of tables, signature blocks, statements of work, and more. In DocJuris, your team can use the power of playbooks on contracts containing information inside grids and other complex layouts.
  • For example, you can run an analysis on an order form or even signature blocks based on rules in your playbook.

Other Improvements

  • 300+ clause connectors and growing (e.g., force majeure to data privacy)
  • AI-powered spellcheck enhancements
  • Better PDF compatibility and an extended preprocessing help desk
  • Shortcut keys


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