March 15, 2021 | Exhibits and Defined Terms

Gaby Estrada
Gaby Estrada
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We're excited to land a big release as we close out Q1! In this new version of DocJuris, we've introduced a mix of new practitioner-focused capabilities and API enhancements.


  • Frequently, it's necessary to add exhibits to third party paper or your standard form during the drafting process. However, copying and pasting can create a formatting nightmare, and it's time-consuming for users to understand when and where exhibits and addendums should be used. Exhibits are also helpful catch-all tools to modify terms.
  • In DocJuris, exhibits in either .docx or .pdf can be appended to issues in a playbook (e.g., in a data processing issue in a playbook, you can add a GDPR standard clauses exhibit for easy drop-ins into third party paper):  


  • While reviewing a contract in the analyzer, exhibits can be one-click inserted with editable headings. Exhibits are then exported in perfectly formatted track-changes and inserted at the end of the document in your preferred order.  


Defined Terms

  • DocJuris automatically detects potential defined terms and surfaces them in the left pane for users to navigate.  


Other Improvements

  • Extended drag and drop support;
  • Find and replace enhancements;
  • Right click + paste works on Chrome and Edge;
  • API accepts URLs to enable users to jump to a contract or document record page designated by the third party application;
  • Improvements to "redlines on top of redlines" export option (i.e., cumulative redline);
  • SSO works with Okta (click here to learn more about DocJuris and Okta).


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