May 14, 2021 | Export Playbooks, Organizational Units, and Accept/Reject at Paragraph Level

Gaby Estrada
Gaby Estrada
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Export Playbook to Word (.docx)

  • Downloading a copy of a DocJuris playbook can be helpful for internal discussions, iteration, and coordination with outside counsel. In DocJuris, users can download a copy of a playbook in Word:


  • Note, playbooks cannot be imported from Word to DocJuris - please reach out to if you need assistance.

Organizational Units

  • When reviewing contracts from different clients, business groups, or regions, it can be challenge to search and sort for contracts. In DocJuris, when a contract is loaded, it can be organized into one or more Organization Units (Org Units) for better search-ability and filtering:


  • Contracts with an Org Unit will be labeled in the contract list and can be searched:


Accept/Reject All at Paragraph Level

  • When looking at a clause with several markups, it would be helpful and faster to accept or reject all within a paragraph to streamline the process. In DocJuris, you can right-click on an incoming redline, hold Shift and click Accept or Reject all in paragraph:


Other Improvements

  • Compatibility with tables and document comparison functionality;
  • Improved mention notification emails;
  • Contract list search now searches playbook name, counterparty, contract type, org unit;
  • Optimized loading time of defined terms;
  • Better matching algorithms for clauses and defined terms (plurality and stemming);
  • Improved process of accepting deletions and commenting;
  • Better instructions in the internal/external comment option;
  • Help text for playbook fields.


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