July 19, 2021 | Compare Two Documents, Playbook Position Ordering, and Editor Improvements

Gaby Estrada
Gaby Estrada
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Today, we released an upgrade to DocJuris that launches our #1 feature request. When DocJuris analyzes new contracts against user defined playbooks and relevant past redlines, two documents can now be compared up front to generate a first and second "turn" automatically. This time and risk saving feature also works on signed PDFs against Word docs or vice versa.

Comparison Up Front

  • When starting a contract review, comparing against an interim draft or previous agreement (e.g., comparing a Counterparty's edits against a previously assembled draft of a Standard Form) is a useful starting point drafting.
  • In DocJuris, users can (1) Upload a contract that needs Analysis and (2) compare it against another version right inside the "Analyze a Contract" window.


Reorder Counterparty Positions in Playbook

  • Setting a distinct order on positions in your playbook can be useful for prioritizing and ordering based on a negotiation (e.g., 1st and 2nd fallback).
  • In DocJuris, when modifying an issue in the playbook editor, counterparty positions can be organized and ordered in more useful ways.


Other Editor Improvements

  • Enhanced outline style and numbering compatibility;
  • Better comparison output with tables;
  • Faster counterparty switching when filtering past redlines;
  • Clearer option to rename contract filenames on upload;
  • Improved spelling suggestion actions;
  • Unedited contracts containing incoming markups can be exported with "All Edits" option;
  • Improved playbook assistant documents including right click copy and paste.

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