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Welcome to DocJuris University! This is a “one-stop shop” to learn DocJuris — we recommend bookmarking this link for easy access for you and your team. Fun fact: the video clips are on average less than 5 minutes long!

Here are a couple of ways to get through the materials:

  • read, watch, and practice in the order of the lessons below; 
  • take our DocJuris knowledge assessments; and,
  • use DocJuris to reference a lesson or topic as you go.

Getting Started

Lesson Topic Article Video Clip
1.01 About DocJuris Read Watch
1.02 DocJuris App Glossary Read Watch
1.03 Access and Password Resets Read Watch
1.04 Managing/Editing Team and User Roles Read Watch


The Basics

Lesson Topic Article Video Clip
2.01 The Dashboard Read Watch
2.02 Uploading and Analyzing a Contract Read Watch
2.03 How to Decrypt a Locked PDF Read Watch
2.04 Default Contract Types Read Watch
2.05 Playbooks vs. Previous Redlines Read Watch


Inside the Analyzer

Lesson Topic Article Video Clip
Getting Started
3.01 Navigating the Analyzer  Read  Watch
3.02 Drafting New Contracts Read Watch
Editing and Collaborating on Contracts
3.03 Marking up Contracts in the Contract Editor Read Watch
3.04 Accepting and Rejecting Changes Read Watch
3.05 Toggle Markups On and Off Read Watch
3.06 Co-authoring Contracts at the Same Time


3.07 Comments and Mentions


3.08 Adding Areas to a Contract Read Watch
Applying Playbooks
3.09 Working with Playbooks


3.10 Pulling a Screening Report Read Watch
3.11 Find and Replace in Contracts and Playbooks Read Watch
3.12 Working with Exhibits


Previous Redlines
3.13 Assigning Topics to Markups


3.14 Marking Contracts Complete  Read  Watch
3.15 Viewing and Using Previous Redlines


3.16 Guide: Uploading Past Markups Read -
Exporting Your Review
3.17 Exporting Contract Markups or a Clean Copy


3.18 Automating Amendments and Exception Tables



3.19 Customizing Export Templates Read Watch



Lesson Topic Article Video Clip
4.01 Playbook Configuration Guides Read -
4.02 Import a Contract Playbook via Excel Read -
4.03 Creating and Editing a Playbook Generally Read

Watch Pt1 | Pt2

4.04 Creating Issues/Groups and Sample Contracts Read

Watch Pt1 | Pt2

4.05 Setting up Search Tags Read

Watch Pt1 | Pt2

 4.06 Distinguishing Between Topics / Playbook Tags Read Watch
4.07 Defining Preferred Positions Read Watch
4.08 Defining Counterparty Positions Read Watch
4.09 Guide: Playbook Tagging in Third Party NDAs Read -
4.10 Guide: Building a Playbook from Redlines Read -
4.11 Guide: Sample Starter Playbooks Read -


Integrations and Security

Lesson Topic Article


Steps to Configure Single Sign-On (SSO)

5.02 Steps to Configure Directory Sync Read
5.03 API Guide Read
5.04 Overview of Integrations Read
5.05 Power Automate Guide Read
5.06 Zapier Guide Read


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