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What is DocJuris and Why Should You Use It?

DocJuris is the industry-leading contract negotiation platform that empowers legal and business teams to quickly and consistently close contracts at scale. With DocJuris, companies of all sizes are:

  1. eliminating time-draining activities from contract redlines and amendments,
  2. empowering collaboration with dynamic playbooks, and,
  3. quickly integrating enterprise apps in weeks, not months.

Key Tools and Features

DocJuris is a cloud-based contract workspace — learning from your past contracts, simplifying your present negotiations, and maximizing your team’s potential.

  • Contract Workspace. Analyze, pre-screen, and negotiate third party contracts or redlines to your template from anywhere, in any language, and in any format.
  • Contract Playbooks. Put your playbooks, contracts, and negotiation data to work with expert driven AI that reduces risk and increases consistency.
  • Amendment Automation. Upload a contract (PDFs included), mark it up, and export an amendment. DocJuris automatically takes care of time-draining formatting and mental gymnastics from redlines → amendments. Whether a customer is requesting exception tables, extending terms, or your team needs self-service, DocJuris Amendments will expedite legal ops while saving time and resources.
  • Redline Analytics. See what’s taking up your resources — internally and externally. DocJuris surfaces actionable analytics that report on core aspects of negotiations. With practical data in hand, companies continuously improve forms and negotiation outcomes.
  • Any Language. Not in English? Not a problem. Operate globally and collaborate with colleagues. Leverage the DocJuris multi-lingual interface to process and interpret contracts in any language. Any user can also set the DocJuris interface in their native language.
  • Launch in Hours. Not Months. Leverage low-code automation, data integrations, and e-signature platforms to build a truly flexible and open platform that easily integrates with your CLM and all the enterprise apps you already use.
  • Customize Workflows Through Automations. With automations available through the DocJuris API, workflows can be optimized for maximum utility and minimum man hours.

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