Drafting New Contracts from Your Template (Standard Form)

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Drafting a new Contract on your Template, or Standard Form, is built into DocJuris through both the Contract Analyzer and Playbook Features. From these locations within the application, it's particularly useful to either compare a new draft to Previous Redlines or to draft original language maintaining the Template, or Standard Form. If drafting a new Contract, modifications or edits to certain fields (such as the opening paragraph, signature blocks, or basic options) may be required. 

Within the Contract Analyzer, selecting the Comparison feature ("Compare against"), will both Analyze the Contract against Previous Redlines and automatically save it with your Template's formatting. to your Template. When accessing changes to the Template via the Playbook feature, the creation of a new Playbook with the "Drag and Drop" method to the location of "Standard Form" create a new Template, or Standard Form.

Once a format is stored in the DocJuris application as a Template, or Standard Form, it will become the default organization for Contracts.

Two Use Cases for When New Contracts Are Drafted on Your Template (or Standard Form)

  1. When a New Contract is Uploaded and Analyzed against Previous Redlines.
  2. When a Contract is signed and needs to be Analyzed by DocJuris under the Comparison Function to ensure there are no unexpected changes.

Steps for Drafting a New Contract Within the Contract Analyzer on Your Template, or Standard Form

  1. From the Dashboard, open the Contract Analyzer by clicking "Analyze a Contract".
  2. Drag and Drop the Contract into location.
  3. Within the field "Compare Against", choose the option of "Playbook Standard Form."
  4. Fill out all necessary fields.



Steps for Drafting a New Contract and Creating a New Template, or Standard Form in the Playbooks Feature

  1. From the Dashboard, click "Create a Playbook" to access the Playbook Feature.
  2. Drag and drop the Contract that has formatting necessary for the required Template, or Standard Form.Playbook_Standard_Form.gif
  3. Fill out all necessary fields.

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