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DocJuris is able to enable Issue spotting within the context of a playbook through Search Tags. The form preference identifies organization specific guidance. AI coupled with an expert system is already configured in the DocJuris application for over 350 Issue preprogrammed clause types. Once you create an Issue, you'll be tasked to fill in fields to map how the Issue looks for clauses in contracts (i.e., issue spotting).

What is an Issue Tag?

Specific words or clauses searchable by the DocJuris expert system and AI. DocJuris allows you to configure Issue Tags through preconfigured, Custom, and Must Match Tags.

  • Items of specific interest in a contract review.
  • Searchable terms that DocJuris finds and flags;
  • Items can be expanded and named.
  • i.e. an Issue could be "payment terms".
  • Examples of an Issue Clause Type:
    • Commercial Contract
    • Governing Law
    • Indemnity

3 Types of Issue Tags


Only available for contracts written in English.

Custom Issue Tag

  • Unique tags about your business especially useful for when:
    • Editing contracts in foreign languages;
    • Building an expert contract type specific to a region;
    • Dealing with specific nuances or terms.

Must Match Tags

  • Narrows the focus of the provision.

Users can utilize sample documents on the right pane to test whether Issue Tags are working. Once an Issue Tag is determined, enter the terms and hit "Create". From this point forward, Issue Tags are searchable in the DocJuris application.

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