November 8, 2021 | Dynamic Commenting Pane

Anne McWhorter
Anne McWhorter
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Our biggest advancement to contract commenting is here! In this latest upgrade, internal and external comments are now positioned in a dedicated pane that can be dynamically scrolled.

Bulk Commenting

  • Contract commenting is an elusive experience. Internal conversations are difficult to track, section and inline commenting can be a challenge, and anchored comments in the "margin" make it increasingly difficult to track, organize, and negotiate across multiple turns.
  • Comments can be navigated under the browse pane, or can be navigated via the comment icon to the right of a section. A user can hover the "comments" option in the browse pane and click "view all" to scroll internal or external comments in a dedicated window.Release_Notes_Pic_11_8_2022_1.png

Key Commenting Features Recap

  • Separate internal and external comments to avoid accidental conversation leaks to your counterparty.
  • Dedicated scroll to "view all comments" allows for easier to referencing for other parts of a contract.
  • Easily apply a comment as either a "section level" or "in-line comment"; (i.e., comment is attached to entire section or individual words, respectively).

Other Improvements

  • Improved Okta configuration process;
  • New turn events in analytics exports;
  • New support website launched;
  • "Compare against" option no longer required.

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