Quick Guide: Sample Starter Playbooks


DocJuris has a collection of sample playbooks to help you get started. Our preloaded playbooks give a general idea of how playbooks for the applicable contract types may work, but they are not designed to be a replacement for legal advice or your team's set of frameworks and principles. Mainly, these playbooks hit highlights to provide a basic list of issues that may need to be be considered within each contract type. To request that a sample playbook be added to your account, please reach out to support@docjuris.com with the name of the sample playbook(s) that you are in. Because our team is constantly improving the capabilities of DocJuris, playbooks will continue to be added as it's determined to be useful. 

List of Sample Playbooks

  • Asset Purchase Agreement (Pro-Buyer)
  • Pro-Customer Software License Agreement
  • Hospitality / Hotel Contract
  • Settlement and Mutual Release Agreement
  • Office Lease (Pro-Lessee)
  • Purchasing Terms and Conditions (Pro-Buyer)
  • MSA for Oilfield Services
  • Mutual NDA Playbook
  • Consulting Service Agreement (Pro-Customer)
  • Bill of Sale - Goods or Personal Property
  • Software as a Service Agreement (Pro-Customer)
  • Professional Services Agreement (Pro-Customer)
  • ISDA Master Agreement (Pro-Borrower)
  • Equipment Lease Agreement (Pro-Lessee)
  • Bill of Sales - Real Estate (Pro-Seller)
  • Patent Portfolio License Agreement
  • Oil and Gas Lease