December 1, 2021 | New Amendment Feature

Anne McWhorter
Anne McWhorter
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You asked and we DELIVERED! We're ecstatic to release our biggest feature in 2021, the number one client requested improvement. Pro and enterprise users can now automatically turn redlines into amendments and attach exhibits with a click of a button!

DocJuris Amendments

  • No DocJuris user should be counting sentences or drafting language to describe redlines to a previously signed agreement or contract that is in negotiations. On average legal and business teams spend hundreds of thousands of hours a year drafting basic amendments, and some organizations decide they need to outsource the entire process or build dedicated in-house teams.
  • With our latest feature, DocJuris Amendments, upload a contract that needs an amendment (PDFs included), redline it, add any exhibits without having to exit our editor, and export the amendment. DocJuris automatically reduces the time needed for formatting and the mental gymnastics required to convert a redline to an amendment. We take care of the process for you, saving time and money.
  • Customize your amendment form and assign areas (e.g. exhibits) that can be referenced in the amendment.


  • Different areas of a contract often require a specific reference. For example, exhibits, addendums, signature blocks, recitals, etc. Referring to these different components of a contract can be challenging and difficult to navigate.
  • In the DocJuris Analyzer, users can create an area in the contract that can be referenced in amendments, collaboration, and more. When creating an "area", a user can hover over a section in the contract to define the start and end of the area.



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