Adding and Managing Users

Adding Users

Users can be added to the DocJuris application in two ways:

  1. DocJuris Administrator — can add and manage users using the steps below.

  2. SSO/Directory Sync — if your IT team configured single sign-on/directory sync, any new user that inputs their email address at will be provisioned automatically and assigned a user role (i.e., just-in-time provisioned). 

Before adding/managing users, consider the following roles and descriptions:

Role Description
Business User Can view and edit contracts they've uploaded or to which they have been given access.
Legal User Can also create and edit playbooks that they've created or to which they have been given access.
DocJuris Administrator Can view and edit any contract or playbook. Additionally, they can modify and add users and designate roles.
IT Administrator Can set up Single Sign-On and configure API keys.

How to Add Users

Not permitted if SSO or Directory Sync is enabled

How to Manage Users/Roles

Allowed if only SSO is enabled. Not permitted if Directory Sync is is enabled.