How do I create custom issue tags?

Steps for Creating Custom Issue Tags

In the playbook editor:

  1. Click on the Issues tab and find the issue that can use a Custom Tag.
  2. Click the issue and find the Custom Issue Tag field in the General section.

Tips on Creating Custom Issue Tags

  • When thinking about what kind of custom tag to create, keep in mind the legal concept you are trying to identify and whether the playbook you’re working on is for your standard form vs. third party paper.
  • For example, I am working in a third party MSA playbook and I want DocJuris to find all mentions of termination for convenience when it is analyzing a third-party contract. Since this is a third-party playbook, the language may vary depending on which counter party. Some counterparties may call it "termination for convenience", others may call it "termination without cause". If I were to create a tag, I’d make the tag very broad so DocJuris can identify this concept no matter what language the counter party uses. A broad tag for this would be:

Terminat! /s (without cause | convenience)

  • This reads “any extension of ‘terminat’ within the same sentence of “without cause OR convenience”. If I were working in a playbook designed for my standard form, I would simply create a tag based on the language used in the standard form.
  • Please note that DocJuris has a preconfigured tag created for this concept. We are using this as an example on how to approach custom tag creation.