Overview of Integrations

Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate

  • In addition to native CLM integrations, DocJuris connects to thousands of apps and services via Zapier and Power Automate ⚡️ In the short term, our new connectors are invite only - please reach out to support@docjuris.com if you're interested!
  • For example, route a contract request from Typeform to DocJuris to Box, and simultaneously notify the team in Slack or Teams. Or, if you're on Office 365, setup a workflow in Microsoft Forms / SharePoint and securely roundtrip markups to and from DocJuris.

DocJuris API for Contract Lifecycle Management

  • Get the most out of your contract management systems with the DocJuris API!
  • Our new, purpose-fit plugin environment enables integration into contract lifecycle management systems. Some use cases include:
    • Programmatically push a PDF or Word doc to DocJuris from a contract record or intake form; and,
    • "Round trip" a draft redline prepared in DocJuris back to your contract system, all without leaving the browser.
  • If you would like to explore our API documentation, please drop us a line at support@docjuris.com

Video Overview