User Management: Directory Sync Guide



Organizations use directories from providers like Okta or Workday to easily manage employees and user access to resources. Directories enable IT admins to activate and deactivate employee accounts, create groups that inform access rules, accelerate adoption of new tools, and more.

Directory Sync at DocJuris

With DocJuris, Directory Sync connects with your directory, keeping DocJuris informed of any changes in your users, groups, and access rules.

Directory Sync works separately or in tandem with Single Sign-On.

Configuring Directory Sync

Step 1: Invite IT Administrator

To get started, create or assign the IT Administrator role to a User on your Team.




Step 2: Connect to your Directory Provider

The Directory Sync portal can only be managed by IT Administrators. 

Click the "Connect to your Directory Provider" button to open DocJuris' Directory Sync configuration wizard.



Step 3: Select an Identity Provider

The first step is to pick a Directory Provider. DocJuris supports many including the below:


Once you have selected your Directory Provider, click the prompts to proceed with the Directory Sync setup.

Note: DocJuris' Directory Sync system enables a metadata-based integration.

The app will not “grant permissions” as might be expected from an OAuth dialog.

In the Directory Sync setup wizard, there will be a metadata configuration where you will need to input:

  • IdP URI (Entity ID)
  • X.509 Certificates

This will be prompted through the step-by-step wizard.


Step 4: Sync User Groups to DocJuris User Roles

Once your directory sync is live, you will be able to revisit the dashboard in DocJuris and assign user groups in your Directory Provider to User Roles in DocJuris.