Defining Preferred Positions

Preferred Positions are part of the premium features available in DocJuris. Preferred Positions are found in the Playbook section under Issues. Once they are inputted into the database, they will then be available for the powerful AI capabilities of the DocJuris platform.

  • Playbook
    • Issues
      • Preferred Positions

The Preferred Provisions Library can structured with multiple provisions created to highlight the legal concept. Examples of when to create multiple preferred provisions:

  • Long Form vs. Short Form of a Preferred Provision;
  • Clauses specific to a country, i.e. America, but not in Europe;
  • Complex Negotiations, where Users need to create multiple Issues or multiple Provisions associated with Issues.

Hierarchy within DocJuris

The Preferred Positions section has three hierarchies of organizational information:

  • General Information Card: high level organizational information.
  • Drafter's Note: Can include drafter's tips or directions such as "always consult finance prior to acceptance".
  • External Negative Commentary. (Using this feature is especially helpful with Third Party Provisions when a clause needs to be inserted or deleted.)

Position Tags within Preferred Positions

Highlights language in an Area that can be tagged, or programmatically anchored, associated with additional keywords that will be highlighted by the DocJuris AI within specific language found by Issue Tags.

Allows for establishment of:

  • Established Preference;
  • Counterparty Position;
  • Organization within meta data.

Steps to Add a Preferred Position

  • Go to Playbooks.


  • Open a Palybook.
  • Click Issues.


  • Fill out the General card of information.


  • Drag and drop the Preferred Language.
  • Save.
  • Click Preferred Positions.


  • Click the pencil icon.
  • Fill out information.
  • Click "set this to provision should Not be included", if it would be beneficial to have the position seen and organized by the powerful DocJuris algorithm, but not included in the actual contract. While the clause will be included on the Screening Report, it will show as "not found". Using this nuance of the DocJuris AI toll can be incredibly helpful if there is language that is prohibitive. If "set provision should Not be included" is not selected, then the provision will be included within the contract. For more information on using the DocJuris AI as a strategy for searching for provisions that are preferred or prohibitive, see sections on using "Missing Green" and "Missing Red".

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