While reviewing Issues in my Playbook, how can I quickly view relevant clauses in my contract?

Playbooks are a great way to help you review your contracts quickly. Sometimes, you may want to quickly get to relevant clauses in the contract while reviewing individual Issues in the Playbook.


To do so, you can use the up and down arrows within the Issue to find those clauses.  


In the Contract Analyzer, click on the Playbook tab on the left to open the Playbook.


All Issues in the Playbook will be listed.




Click the right-hand dropdown arrow on an individual Issue in the Playbook Issues List to expand the Issue. Each defined Position for that Issue will be listed.




After expanding the Issue in the Playbook, click the up and down arrows to the right of the Issue Title to navigate to the relevant clauses matching the Issue in the contract.  


The number of terms defined in that specific Issue that are located in the contract will be listed in the arrows box.  Press the arrow to navigate to the relevant clauses for that Issue.




The Issue terms in the relevant clauses will appear highlighted in yellow in the Contract Editor.




The Editor will navigate instantly to the relevant clauses in the contract that are highlighted.




You can view the relevant clauses for each subsequent Playbook Issue, by clicking that individual Issue and using the up and down arrows to view the clauses quickly. All matching terms will be highlighted in yellow.