Analyzing contracts from SharePoint list attachments in DocJuris

DocJuris' Power Automate connector enables powerful integrations into various Microsoft 365 tools including SharePoint. Here's how to leverage Power Automate to push contracts from SharePoint over to DocJuris.


Contracts might be stored in various SharePoint items as attachments. SharePoint's model allows more than one attachment. As a result, DocJuris can analyze each attachment and return screening reports.

How to

1. Create a new flow and identify a trigger that will start your automated flow in SharePoint. For example, you might choose to leverage a trigger when an item is created.



Optional: Get Item as well right after this trigger to get the full spectrum of data from this SharePoint item:



2. Once you've set up your trigger, use the action Get Attachments (plural). This will instruct the flow to pull each attachment from SharePoint.



3. Next, we instruct the flow to Get attachment content



4. When you get to the File Identifier field for this action, choose the File Identifier from the Get attachments action. This will create a for each loop.



5. Now you're ready to start adding actions for each attachment in the SharePoint item.



6. Click Add an Action inside the Apply to Each box and look for DocJuris and pick Create a Contract for the action.



7. From here, you can send the contract for analysis directly to DocJuris, pull screening reports, and leverage the Extended Data capabilities of the Power Automate action to create linkages between the SharePoint item and DocJuris. You can also leverage the system to email reports and contracts as additional actions, if required.


Contact, and we'll help you configure this for your team on a screen share.