How to Fix Permissions Errors in Solutions

In this article, we’ll explain how to fix Permissions Errors when publishing Solutions. 

Solutions are places in Power Automate where you can group multiple Flows, Power Apps, Reports, and more into one logical unit. Solutions are primarily used to move all these pieces simultaneously between different environments, enabling you to have a development and production environment, for example. You can also combine multiple Flows with the same connection references and have variables that can be shared between an application and a Flow. Above all, Solutions are great way to organize your Flows.

However, it is possible to run into a Permission Error while trying to Publish your Solutions. In this article, we’ll cover how to Publish your Solutions, review the Permission Error message, and how to fix it. You can also follow the summarized instructions in the Quickstart Guide below. 

Quickstart Guide

You need to be an Administrator in Power Automate to be able to perform these tasks.

     1. Go to

     2. Go to Environments and select the Environment.
     3. On the top, select Settings, expand the Users + Permissions tab, and select Users.
     4. Select the User you want to give permissions to and select Manage Security Roles.
     5. A sidebar will open. Scroll down and select System Customizer and Save.

The Permission Error Message

Here’s an example of the error message that can appear when attempting to Publish a Solution:

Publishing all customizations failed. SecLib::CheckPrivilege failed. User: 14971da3-d64b-ed11-b1a1-00b2a8213409, PrivilegeName: prvWriteEntity, PrivilegeId: 2a4e96d7-7bf9-4578-9d4e-1e494c33c1bf, Required Depth: Basic, BusinessUnitId: 14971da3-d64b-ed11-b1a1-00b2a8213409, MetadataCache Privileges Count: 3701, User Privileges Count: 908

The error message tells us we don’t have the necessary permissions to customize the environment. Customizations are every action performed in Solutions, and by doing an action like Publishing, you’re propagating those changes to the organization.

What Causes the Error Message and How to Fix It

This error is a Permissions issue where Basic level Users don’t have permission access to Publish changes to Solutions. Basic Users can export and import Solutions, but when trying to Publish them, additional Permissions are necessary.

To resolve the issue, the System Administrator on the Power Automate account can give Basic Users the System Customizer Permission. This will allow the user to publish Solutions on the account. Follow the instructions below to do so.

Enabling the System Customizer Permission for Basic Users 

Within Power Automate, you need to be a System Administrator to give the User permission to perform customizations.

1. Access the site:

2. In the Admin Center Dashboard, go to Environments.

3. Select your Environment.

You may have multiple environments in Power Automate, and permissions are set individually for each User. You must repeat the following steps if you want the System Customizer permissions given to more than one User and/or Environment.

4. Inside the environment, press Settings.

5. Multiple settings will be displayed. Look for the Users + permissions tab. Expand the tab by selecting the dropdown arrow.

6. Select Users.
7. Next, access the Security Roles: there are two ways to do so. The first method is to click the three dots in front of the User.
8. Then, select Manage Security Roles.
9. The second method is to select the User and then click Manage security roles from the top menu bar.
10. Next, a slide-out will display a list with multiple roles. Scroll down and select System Customizer.
Click Save.

The Basic User will now be able to publish Solutions.


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