Why am I seeing an error message when I upload a contract?

If an error message appears when you upload a contract, there may be a few possible issues that are occurring:

  • The contract file format is outdated – an older version of MS Word was used to produce the document.
  • Word files – the document was saved in compatibility mode.
    • .doc files should be saved or converted to .docx format. You can do so using these steps:
    • On a Windows PC: open your document in MS Word, click File, select Convert Document, and save as a .docx file.
    • In Mac OS: open your document in MS Word, click File, and select Save As. In the File Format dropdown menu, select Word Document (.docx).
  • PDF files – the document is encrypted, converted from old version of MS Word, or the document was created from a scanned document.

The best file formats to upload are .docx files, or PDFs that are unlocked and not from a scanned document.