Why does my contract comparison show extra incoming redlines/beige highlights after I convert a PDF to .docx?

When you upload a PDF contract into the app, DocJuris will automatically convert that PDF to an editable .docx file in the app. When you compare a converted .docx file as a New Turn to an original .docx file, you may see extra beige highlights/incoming redlines in the resulting comparison document.


A couple of things happen during this file conversion that explains the extra beige highlights:


  1. In any software tool (not just in DocJuris), the system converting a file from PDF to a .docx will take a “guess” at some of the formatting in the PDF. Simple example: “Is this a bunch of spaces, or an indented paragraph? Is this a margin or a tab?” Unfortunately, those guesses are sometimes accurate, and sometimes they’re inaccurate.
  2. After the PDF document is converted, and when you compare the new docx against the original .docx in DocJuris, the system will pick up on a lot of the formatting “guesses” and will label them as incoming redlines (the beige highlights).

That’s what happening in these cases of extra incoming redlines – the system picked up on a lot of small formatting “guesses” that happened during the conversion from PDF to docx.


Most importantly, DocJuris’ AI system will always pick up on the major substantive changes between the two documents, providing the insight you’re seeking in a comparison. You can scroll down the contract to see where those major changes occurred.