DocJuris University — Workshop I


Welcome to DocJuris University (DJU)! DJU is a collection of workshops to help you get the most out of DocJuris. As an overview, the DocJuris platform is the most enjoyable way to review contracts. We aim to help you cut contract cycle times and drive consistency with AI-powered reviews.

How to Use DJU

If you're new to DocJuris, Workshop I is your foundational starting point for learning DocJuris' out-of-the-box features. A deeper dive into contracts and precedent, including how to work with playbooks, is covered in Workshop II.

Here are two tips to get the most out of the lesson guides below:

  1. Review Use Cases — after you open a guide link for a lesson, review the use cases to understand how DocJuris makes contracts more enjoyable.

  2. Practice How-tos — we've also included screenshots and interactive step-by-step guides. Click the "Next" button below a screenshot to progress to the next step (or ← to go back). You can also select the step by clicking the colored bar within every tutorial. You'll see something like this:

    Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 2.51.25 PM.png


Getting Started

An Admin ● mark means that this feature is only available to administrators or select legal users.

Lesson Topic Admin Only Guide Link
1.01 Accessing DocJuris and Managing Your Profile   Open
1.02 Navigating the Dashboard and Getting Support   Open
1.03 Adding and Managing Users Open
1.04 Adding and Managing Org Units Open
1.05 Managing Contract Types Open

QuickStart Tools 

QuickStart Tools are features you can use today without configuring playbooks, precedent, or templates.

Lesson Topic Guide Link
Analyzing/Uploading Contracts
2.01 Basics of Analyzing a Contract Open
2.02 Convert and Edit Locked Docs or Encrypted PDFs Open
2.03 Compare Two Contracts From the Dashboard Open
Editing Contracts and Internal Collaborations
2.04 Comments and Mentions Open
2.05 Markup Contracts with AI Commands ✨ Open
Sending Contracts
2.06 Send Protected Contracts to Counterparties with Arbiter Open
2.07 Prepare Markups and Clean Copies in Word Open
2.08 Automatically Draft Amendments From Markups Open
2.09 Automatically Generate Exception Tables From Markups Open
New Turns and The Contracts Dashboard
2.10 Track Turns in a Negotiation Open
2.11 Finding, Sorting, and Archiving Contracts Open