Playbooks vs. Previous Redlines

Data Point 1: Static Playbooks

Playbooks in DocJuris are static representations of contract policies and standards that are programmatically linked (coded) to powerful search operators. Playbooks are not required in DocJuris but serve as a great supplement to your reviews. In some cases a well-defined playbook in table format within Word or Excel may already be used by your review team. Alternatively, information may already exist in silos that need to be consolidated.

  • Already Defined Playbook. If there is already a well defined playbook, our support team will convert the existing playbook into DocJuris' model and format. Our team is available to perform this abstraction as part of your allotted implementation hours. To speed this process up, please allocate a resource to convert the playbook into the Excel format attached below.
  • Need to Define Playbook. Many of our clients elect to skip the upfront playbook creation process. By marking up contracts and tagging in real-time, DocJuris learns from your editing workflow in the native workspace (click here for an example). Alternatively, clients use this implementation opportunity to develop playbooks inside of DocJuris' Excel Playbook Template (attached below). Below is a helpful exercise to develop contract playbooks and standards in a design exercise.

How to Design Contract Playbooks and Standards

Excel Playbook Template. As referenced above, please find attached an Excel template that is integrated to DocJuris' playbook model. This template can be conveniently imported into your account through our support desk ( and tagged with DocJuris' search operators later.

Data Point 2: Previous Redlines

  • Every time a markup is made to a contract in DocJuris, DocJuris will save edits, empower teams to tag provisions by concept, and sort by relevancy in new negotiations. During this process, DocJuris uses NLP and machine learning to sort Previous Redlines and provide suggestions. This is automatic with no rules required.
  • However, if there are legacy drafts that are relevant and potentially helpful from the start of DocJuris use, our support team can upload these legacy files for immediate use in the DocJuris platform. 
  • Previous "first pass" redlines to third party agreements. DocJuris' support team can parse your team's initial edits and load them as Previous Redline (precedent). Previous Redlines are then organized by contract name, author, contract type, and issue.
  • Execution copies of negotiated agreements on the standard form(s). DocJuris can bulk compare execution copies to your standard form and produce "net redlines" representing final negotiated forms on your standard form. From here, our team loads these markups as Previous Redlines organized by contract name, author, contract type, and issue.

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