Creating a Customizable Screening Report Template


In this article, we’ll explore how to create a Customizable Screening Report Template.


Customizing the Screening Report

While you can already create templates for contracts, amendments, and exception tables in the Templates area of DocJuris, you can also customize your Screening Reports on a per-Playbook basis. Screening Report Templates can be used to customize fonts, styles, column ordering, and adding a logo.


Download the Reference Template

Download the Customizable Screening Report Template file for Excel at the bottom of this article. You’ll be able to add a logo if desired. The rest of the fields will be filled out by the DocJuris Support Team upon submitting your request.  


Send a Template Request

At this time, customized screening report templates must be added to your account by a member of our Support staff. Please submit your request to DocJuris Support ( including both your Screening Report Template file and the requested Playbook, and we’ll add them to your DocJuris account in our system.