Creating a Customizable Amendment Template

In this article, we’ll explore how to create a Customizable Amendment Template.


Customizing the Amendment Template


While you can already create templates for contracts, exception tables, and Screening Reports, you can also customize your amendments. Amendment Templates can be used to customize fonts, styles, header/footer, and adding a logo.


Download the Reference Template


Download the Customizable Amendment Template file for Excel at the bottom of this article. You’ll be able to add a logo if desired, as well as a header, footer, and various fonts/styles. 



Add the Amendment as a Template

After customizing your Amendment Template, you can add it to your account in DocJuris.


You can follow the steps below to add an Amendment to the Templates Page of DocJuris.


1. Login to

2. From the Dashboard, navigate to the Templates Page by clicking the Templates tab.



3. On the Templates Page, click the “Add Template” button on the top righthand corner.




4. In the “Add Template” menu, drag and drop or select your customized Amendment file in the box.




5. If desired, add an optional description in the Description field.




6. Under the “Template Type” dropdown menu, select “Amendment”, then click the “Upload Template” button.




Note: If you want a particular Export file (either an Amendment or Exception Table) to apply to a specific Contract Type, you can select a Contract Type to be associated with that file in the Contract Type field before uploading the template.


Click inside the Contract Type field and begin typing to select from one of our default Contract Types. You can press “delete” on your keyboard to clear the selection. This field can also be left blank.




That’s it! Once you’ve added your customized Amendment Template to the Templates Page, your file will appear beneath the “Export Templates” section, listed beneath your Contracts Templates.




For more information, check out our detailed article on automating amendments and exception tables.


You can also check out our FAQ article on how to create an exception table/amendment from a comparison with markup conversion.