Entering Contract Metadata in the Info Tab

In this article, we’ll explore how to quickly add contract metadata in the Contract Analyzer using the Info Tab.

During the contract review workflow, you may wish to provide background information relating to the current contract (for example, to internal stakeholders or team members). This metadata can include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Annual contract value
  • Contract value (e.g. dollar amount)
  • Description of services
  • Subject description
  • Priority
  • Region  

These, as well as any other custom metadata entries, can be added to the Organizational Units section of the Info Tab within the Sidebar of the Contract Analyzer.


Inside the Info Tab

Navigate to the Info Tab on the left of the Sidebar of the Contract Analyzer.


The Info Tab contains several fields and displays the Name of the file, Description, Organizational Units, the Type of Contract selected upon upload, and the Counter Party.


All of this information is entered in the Upload a Contract menu, with the exception of Organizational Units. However, this information can be updated in the Info Tab at any time in the Analyzer.


Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 2.49.52 PM.png


Adding Metadata to the Organizational Units Section

You can add the desired contract metadata as an Organizational Unit. When reviewing contracts from different clients, business groups, or regions, it can be a challenge to search and sort for contracts. In DocJuris, when a contract is loaded, it can be organized into one or more Organization Units (Org Units) for better search-ability and filtering:


Contracts with an Org Unit will be labeled in the contract list and can be searched:


Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 3.00.05 PM.png


Upon uploading a contract into the Contract Analyzer, the Organizational Units field in the Info Tab will be blank by default until a new Org Unit is added.



You can also choose previously added Organizational Units from the drop-down list in the field. Note: Organizational Units previously added to a contract will also be available account-wide to select on subsequent contracts and/or turns.



To add contract metadata as an Organizational Unit, click inside the field and begin typing. The new Organizational Unit will appear in the drop-down menu; click the Unit to add it to the field.


The new Organizational Units will now be stored in the Info Tab for the current turn of the contract.




Other Automation Options for Generating and Sharing Contract Metadata

In addition to using the Info Tab to enter and share contract metadata, there are also other options offered by DocJuris to share information in the contract request workflow.


One of these options is to consider an automation solution, such as Power Automate or Zapier. Through these solutions, DocJuris enables integration into contract lifecycle management systems. You can view more details in the Overview of Integrations.