Templates and Template Types


In this article, we’ll explore the Templates section of DocJuris and the different types of Templates that can be created.


Templates Page of the Dashboard

Navigate to the Templates Page of the Dashboard by clicking on Templates at the top of the landing page.




Adding a New Template

From the Templates page, you can view all of your existing Contract Templates, including Name/Description, Contract Type, and when the Template was Last Modified.




Click the Add Template button to add a new Template. In the Add Template menu, choose the Template Type from the dropdown (either Contract, Amendment, or Exception Table).




Next, select the Contract Type.




You can also draft a new contract from an existing Contract Template by clicking the Draft New Contract button to the right of any listed Template.




This will open the Draft a Contract menu. Enter the name of the contract, a description, a Contract Type, and the Counterparty, then click Analyze to upload the contract into the Contract Analyzer. The new contract based on that Contract Template will open in the Analyzer.




There are two different types of templates available to use in DocJuris, Contract Templates and Export Templates. Each kind of template can be used in your contracts management workflow to compare contract drafts, apply playbooks, and customize your markups and export files. Read on for more information on the different Templates below.


Contract Templates

Contract Templates allow you to run comparisons between contracts or draft a new contract from an existing template. These templates are standard forms of contract documents that can be uploaded to your DocJuris account.


Once you have Contract Templates added to the Templates Page, you can select any one of those templates to be run in a comparison against a new contract while uploading to the Contract Analyzer. In the Upload a Contract menu, choose Incoming redlines or comparison, then select the desired template under “Contract Templates” in the COMPARE AGAINST dropdown menu.




Export Templates

Export Templates allow you to export your contract markups in an Amendment or Exception Table. These templates customize how amendments and exception tables are exported from the Analyzer.




In both cases, edits in the Contract Analyzer can be pushed into one of these templates on Export by selecting either the “Amendment” or “Exception Table” options in the Export menu within the Analyzer.  

When you choose an Amendment or Exception Table upon exporting a contract, you’ll have an option of assigning an Area to the contract, in order to add a more descriptive reference on export.




You can click the link text “Click here to add an area” to open the Contract Analyzer, add the Area to the contract, click Save, then click the Export button again to export the contract as either an Amendment or Exception Table with the Area added.




Linking Export Templates to a Contract Type

Export templates can be associated with a Contract Type and selected on the Export menu, if there are multiple variations of an export template for a particular contract type (e.g. Master Service Agreement).



Customizing An Export Template

Similar to a screening report template, export templates can also be customized with branding, fonts, styles, logo, and other options. You can view and download a customizable Amendment Template and customizable Exception Table Template at the links below.