Working with Exhibits

Working with Exhibits

Introduction to Exhibits within DocJuris

DocJuris allows for Exhibits to be uploaded to Playbooks for easy insertion into Contracts or agreements. Exhibits in either .docx or .pdf formats can be appended to Issues within a Playbook (e.g., a Data Processing Issue of a Playbook, the clause for a standard GDPR can be added for easy drop-ins into third party paper).

Once Exhibits are designated as part of a specific Issue, they will automatically upon Export append to the end of the contract. Exhibit attributes such as name, title, and placement can be edited or modified in the DocJuris platform. All fields associated with Exhibits are automatically shown within the Contract Editor Sidebar under Track Changes.

Examples of When to Use an Exhibit

  • A Contract on Third Party Paper Needs Review.
  • A Software Agreement on Counterparty Form Needs a DPA added.
  • An Insurance Requirement needs to be added to an agreement.


Steps to Individually Attach the Necessary Exhibit Under "Exhibits"

  • Open the Contract within DocJuris.


  • Click Playbook.



  • Find the appropriate Issue.
  • Click the pencil Icon to edit.
  • Click "Upload an Exhibit."


  • Navigate to the Issue related to the Exhibit within the Contract.Exhibits_2.gif
  • Drag and drop the necessary file.
  • Specify the name.

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