Quick Guide: Uploading Past Markups / Previous Redlines

Upload Individual Contracts

Task explanation 

You can upload a past markup to DocJuris to save the changes for future use as "Previous Redlines". The expert driven AI system within the Contract Analyzer will continue to grow more tailored as Previous Redlines are uploaded. The custom experience of DocJuris will have greater utility and accuracy as more User specific data is gathered. In short, the more DocJuris is used effectively, the better and more useful the tool becomes for the User.


  • Collect First Pass Redlines. Ideally, First Pass Redlines or Incoming Redlines from the Counterparty are on your Template (also known as Standard Form).
  • Click "Analyze a Contract" and ensure the box is checked indicating that the document being uploaded is a Previous Redline (also known as Past Redline) and will be saved.


  • Fill in Contract Type by looking at the document being Uploading.
  • Most of the time, a new Counter Party Entity/Name will need to be created.
  • If the Client redacted Counter Party information, then use "Sample Counter Party 1", 2, 3, etc.

Bulk Upload Spreadsheet

Task explanation

If there are a lot of Previous Redlines (Past Markups) that need to be uploaded, they can be loaded manually OR the DocJuris team can upload them in bulk. Engaging our Support Specialists and/or Engineering team can save time and assist in uploading Seed Contracts. (As explained in our Glossary of Terms, Seed Contracts are a vital component of ensuring that DocJuris works best for review teams.)


Collect First Pass Incoming Redlines. Ideally, these Incoming Redlines are in Template (also known as Standard Form).

Load them into a spreadsheet and .zip file.

CSV Template

Attached to this page.



  • Pick from available list of Contract Types here.
  • If a Custom Contract Type, ensure that a Custom Contract Type is created for the tenant PRIOR to importing CSV/opening ticket.


Open Document and look at the Signature Block.


  • Use full filename and extension.e.g., file name.doc.
  • PDFs and DOCs will convert.
  • Think about customizing the filename to fit client use case.e.g., "First turn to real estate NDA Example 1".


To pull all filenames into a .txt file from a file folder, run the below code in the Command Prompt. After copying the file list from the .txt file, paste the file names into the .xlsx for a expediency.

'go to file path - hold shift and right-click to copy the path to a folder, BUT change it to CD\ and get rid of the quotes

'Write to new filelist.txt file
dir /b > FileList.txt

Is Complete:

  • Use TRUE.

Submit Bulk Upload task to DocJuris

Make sure you include in the task card:

  • Filled out CSV Import Template;
  • Zip folder with documents to bulk Upload;
  • Send an email to support@docjuris.com.