Accepting and Rejecting Changes

Accept Incoming Deletions/Strikethroughs

  • One of the limitations of Word or Google Docs is that an external party's deletions can be accepted in a document without a sufficient audit trail. 
  • In DocJuris, incoming strike throughs from a Comparison or Incoming Redlines (Counterparty markup) can be accepted, but DocJuris will keep the language muted as a reminder prior to exporting to Word. Prior language will be highlighted in gray, which is helpful if negotiations resume after a long pause or in case a NTD needs to be added. Consistency is also improved for accepting and rejecting changes.


  • Markups made by the User will be shown in blue, if they are added, and red if it is a deletion or strikethrough.
  • Incoming Redlines and differences found by the Comparison feature of the DocJuris Contract Analyzer will also appear in tan. 

The default export option automatically accepts incoming edits unless rejected. You can optionally work through the contract without having to accept/reject changes. DocJuris takes care of this under "Our Edits Only." In documents with heavy markups, accepting every change could waste time.


Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 6.54.14 PM.png


Accept/Reject All at Paragraph Level

When looking at a clause with several markups, it would be helpful and faster to accept or reject all within a paragraph to streamline the process. In DocJuris, you can right-click on an incoming redline, hold Shift and click Accept or Reject all in paragraph:


Video Overview

Click an Incoming Redline from a document containing changes to accept and reject changes. DocJuris will run comparisons and display those comparisons inside DocJuris.