Find and Replace in Contracts and Playbooks

When editing Contracts in the Analyzer, users can either

  1. Find and Replace words and phrases in the active Turn/Contract being edited as displayed in the Contract Editor on the right; or 
  2. Replace Terms in a Playbook temporarily to align terminology with what is contained in the Turn/Contract

Find and Replace Words in Contracts

This operates similar to how a Word processing software functions. There are two methods for finding and replacing words in Contracts:

  1. Press CTL/CMD + F or click the Find & Replace tab in the Navigation Pane.
  2. Type the term you're looking for (NOT case-sensitive).
  3. Optionally replace terms one by one.

Note: The Find and Replace function in DocJuris is neither case sensitive or concept sensitive. For this reason, there is no "Replace All" option, and the User will have to choose to replace each term the Analyzer locates.

Find and Replace Terms in Playbooks

If a Playbook is being used in the Analyzer, there is a separate action to Replace Terms in the Playbook.

  1. Click on the button "Replace Terms" located in the Playbook tab
  2. Find terms that you want to find in an Issue's Provision or External Negotiation Commentary (in either the Preferred Position or Counterparty Position(s)). Unlike Find and Replace in the Contract, Replace Terms in the Playbook IS case-sensitive.
  3. Type terms that you want to replace. The original playbook will not be affected, and you can also edit/remove any replacement(s) later.

Note: Using Replace Terms in a Playbook is particularly useful if the Counterparty uses alternate language for identical terms.  Because DocJuris does not allow for a "Replace All" option, best practices are to replace terms in more than one sitting. Terms need to be designated as "Replace" on a 1:1 basis. If the Contract is lengthy, accuracy is improved by multiple viewings.


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