Adding Areas to a Contract

Areas Overview

Areas are a way for Users to reference a specific Section or consecutive groups of Sections in a Contract within the Analyzer. Once designated, the reference is applied not only to the Contract, but also to any Amendments or Addendums. When a greater degree of specificity is needed for discussion or for more granular control of provisions (especially during collaborations), Areas are another great feature to use within the DocJuris platform.

Two Main Use Cases for Areas

  • During collaboration on a Turn for referencing specific language.
  • For greater granular control when Exporting Amendments or Exception Tables.

Areas vs. Section Topics Within DocJuris

Areas are broader references which allow more granular control, which is particularly useful reviewing or creating Amendments or Exception Tables. Section Topics are Pre-Configured Topics as assigned to a Section as a value based on clause types.

How to Access the Area Feature of DocJuris

  1. Open the Contract.
  2. Click Browse.
  3. Set the Start Area and End Area to the Contract Editor to the right.
  4. Name the Area
  5. Navigate to the Sections of the Contract to designate the beginning and end of the Area.

Use Case “Classic” Example

  • A Contract with an outline style has Sections 5, 6, 7, etc. An Exhibit also has Sections, 5, 6, 7, etc.
  • Upon Export the Sections from the Contract and the Exhibit will refer to the Sections two times each.
  • BUT, if an Area is designated defining the Sections as:
  • Section 5 of the Agreement, and
  • Section 5 of the Exhibit A,
  • Analyzing the Contract produces a much better and more clear outcome.

Video Tutorial