Assigning Topics to Markups

Topics Overview

  • Topics are assigned to Section and Paragraphs within DocJuris associating specific language with legal concepts. Language can be associated with more than one Topic.
  • For maximum efficacy, only assign Topics for Contracts that are undergoing active negotiations. The expert driven AI system of DocJuris will use these data points to predictably assign Topics to language in the future.


  • The expert driven AI system further uses these Topic labels, or "tags", to surface relevant Previous Redlines. As with all functionalities produced by the DocJuris AI, the application will continue to improve for greater utility as it incorporates more User specific data. 


  • Over 300 Topics are programmatically available from DocJuris in nascent state.


  • If a Topic needs to be edited, DocJuris provides efficient ways to Edit, Add, or Remove Topics. If a Topic is "removed", it is not removed from the system, but the association with that particular clause is removed. The adaptability allows for versatility and customization.



Differences in Process Between Word Processing Software and DocJuris

While in Word, the process is:

  1. Edit
  2. Save
  3. Send

In DocJuris the process is:

  1. Edit
  2. Apply Topics
  3. Export and Complete
  4. Send

Our process allows DocJuris to index and catalog Previous Redline data to deliver a more efficient review experience.

Steps for Adding a Topic

  • From the Dashboard, open the Contract Analyzer
  • Navigate to the relevant clause.
  • Click the green Tag Icon.
  • Fill in appropriate fields or Select a Pre-Programmed Topic.


Steps for Removing a Topic Association

  • From the Dashboard, open the agreement in the Contract Analyzer.
  • Click on the Green Tag Icon on the right of the Paragraph or Section.
  • Navigate to the appropriate Topic, and click "Remove" or "Remove All" if applicable.


Video Overview