Using Previous Redlines

Introduction to Previous Redlines in DocJuris

The advanced expert driven AI system of DocJuris harnesses the latest machine learning technology to make the Contract Review process as accurate and efficient as possible. One of the most useful and unique components of the application is how it surfaces Previous Redlines during the review process. As the system recognizes that a specific Topic relates to the current Contract, it will automatically present, or surface, easily navigable language. Review teams can see how legal concepts were handled in previous negotiations, copy and paste language or formatting, and all without exiting the Contract Editor of the application.

Users can further customize this process and “train the system” to be more effective. As is similar all components of DocJuris, the tool will become more tailored and efficient with each use.

How are Previous Redlines Accessed

  • Previous Redlines are uploaded in the Onboarding and Configuration process.
  • When a Contract is Analyzed by the DocJuris application, language that is programmed to be associated with specific Sections (Topics) will appear on the Left in their own navigable pane. Users can access or see each Previous Redline associated with a specific Topic.
  • Language, clauses, etc will be sorted and presented this way by the algorithm. As with other features of the DocJuris application, the platform will grow and become more effective proportionally to the quality and quantity of data inputted.
  • To make the application an effective tool from first use, the system is already trained to search and find specific Topics by default, and sorts them by relevancy.
  • Presentation of Previous Redlines can be customized for sorting and view by:
    • Counterparty
    • Editor
    • Organizational Unit
    • Contract Type


What Are Topics and How Are They Used?

  • A Topic is a set of clauses or language that has been programmed to be associated with a legal concept.
  • The machine learning system uses these search “tags” in order to present relevant Previous Redlines. Although the application is different than what is used in the Playbooks feature, the types of search tags are identical.
  • DocJuris comes with over 300 standard Topics Pre-Configured and coded into the system. If negotiations require more specific language or if teams would like a more tailored experience, Topics can also be customized.
  • If a new Topic is required to adequately cover the legal concept at hand, a new Playbook will also need to be drafted. Our Previous Redlines feature can only find, present (surface), and sort from available information in the database.

Organization Within the Contract Editor


  • The DocJuris three-paned document review system allows for Previous Redlines to be available as redlines extracted for specific language. By marking clauses as Preferred, Acceptable, Reject and Fallback, Users can quickly navigate Contracts adding and editing language where appropriate.


  • Redlines are predictably suggested with specific language highlighted. Our integrated feature allows for filtering by Counterparty, Editor, Organizational Unit, and Contract Type.
  • Access Previous Redlines by clicking a tag icon on the right or swiping over the left pane.




Left Pane

  • Will show Previous Redlines.
  • Redlines can be labelled and filtered by topic then by clause preference.


  • Create "Custom tags" by topic.


Middle Pane/ Contract Review

  • Specific language and suggested language along with current redlines;
  • As language is inputted, suggested Previous Redlines will appear in the Left pane, or Sidebar.

Right Pane

  • Tags and highlighted clauses will appear.

Difference Between Playbooks and Previous Redlines


  • Establish policies and procedures for negotiated agreement.
  • Will notify if language is missing with the use of:
  • Need to add clause.
  • Highlight clauses.
  • A powerful tool to granularly filter series of rules.

Previous Redlines

  • More automated than Playbooks.
  • Will find and display Previous Redlines sorted by subject matter.
  • Will NOT show what information is Missing.

Tips on Using Previous Redlines

As Contracts are reviewed, to ensure the most relevant Previous Redlines are surfaced, it is best practice to define Topics within the Contracts. Preferred Positions and Provisions will continue to grow into a robust database for the application. Because of how the DocJuris system learns, the User experience can only grow more curated as it is used. What may seem like extra steps in reviews can save exponential time later.

Populating Previous Redlines

To populate Previous Redlines, tag paragraphs that have been redlined with Issue Types. A tagging icon can be found next to any paragraph in the right pane.



DocJuris initiates a learning sequence - the next time you review another contract of the same type, these concepts will be found and automatically tagged.


Steps to Remove a Topic Association

  • Early on, DocJuris may over-classify paragraphs. If this happens, in order to focus on more specific language, t may be beneficial to remove Topic association and zero in on language.
  • Hold "Shift" to reveal an "ONLY" option to quickly pare down tags for a Section or Paragraph.
  • The end result is a surgical curation of Topics.



How to Create a Custom Topic Tag

  • In order for Previous Redlines to be surfaced by the AI, it needs to be correctly associated with a Specific Topic.
  • Within the Contract Editor, highlight language that will be associated with a Topic.
  • Click the green tag icon, and add a Topic.


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