Exporting Contracts


The robust Contract experience provided by DocJuris extends to customizable options upon Export. With native features, teams can Export a Clean Copy of the Contract, include all Comments and changes, or a mixture of both.

DocJuris’ Export feature enables you to:

  • Download/E-mail contract drafts directly to .docx and
  • Deliver files to third party systems via our API.

Basic Steps to Export

  • Within the Contract Analyzer, click “Export Contract”.


  • From here, the application will direct Users to a menu for customization.

Export Options

  • Each option at the top produces a .docx based on your preferences (the underlying markup in DocJuris will remain "as is").
  • e.g., users can download a “Clean Copy”, and separately download “My Edits Only” without changing the state of your work in DocJuris.
  • Within Export, markups and comments prepared in DocJuris are converted into a Word document automatically.

Under each of Main Export Options, there are two standard options:

  • “Mark this turn as complete and read-only”
    • By checking this box, the application will mark the Turn as complete within the application, and trigger a new Turn if negotiations continue. (This box becomes particularly important if there are automations attached to each Turn. The New Turn can trigger multiple actions with automations.)
  • “Password protect this document”



  • The option labelled Markups will Export edits as track changes back to Word.
  • A further customization available under the Markup option is to specify which edits are included.
  • Markups_Editing_Options.jpg
    • “Our Edits Only” will automatically accept proposed changes unless rejected or modified. All Comments, Mentions, and changes the review team has prepared will be included as Track Changes upon Export.
      • By default all Incoming Redlines are already accepted.
    • “All Edits” represents a cumulative option.
      • All redlines from both the review team AND the Counterparty are included and Exported to Word under Track Changes to preserve review fidelity.

Clean Copy


  • A “Clean Copy” Exports to Word a document where all changes have been accepted and all comments are automatically deleted. Clean Copy documents are ready for signature. This type of Export is particularly helpful to teams when:
  • Document is ready for signature.
  • Teams are also sending a Redlined Copy
  • Execution Copy

Note: If the Contract is downloaded as a PDF, it is automatically a Clean Copy.

Amendment and Exception Table

  • Because the Export features within Amendment and Exception Tables are extensive, check out the articles explaining their use.5

Expanded Steps for Exporting Contracts

  • As you draft your markups in DocJuris, confirm the Issue Tags to the right of each Redlined paragraph.
  • If the Turn you’re editing is ready for "signature", mark the Turn as an Execution Copy
  • Press Export Contract.
  • Select your draft style – for example, if the copy is for signature, select “Clean Copy”.
  • Mark the Turn “Complete” *.
  • Click Email or Download.
  • When Email or Download is pressed in step 6, DocJuris will also automatically deliver the contract to any third party systems which are configured to work with DocJuris’ Application Programming Interface (API). The contract must be marked complete for the notification to be triggered. If the Turn is an Execution Copy, the API notification will include an Execution Copy attribute for filtering or metadata purposes as well as presenting options to retrieve partially signed PDFs.

Completing Turns


  • When you’re ready to deliver the draft to the Counterparty/Business, Tag your Track Changes in the editor and Mark the Turn "Complete” using the Export modal.
  • Completing a Turn saves your edits to Previous Redlines and, eventually, your Playbook.
  • API notifications will not trigger unless the Turn is marked complete.

Execution Copies


  • As an optional attribute, you may mark the current Turn you’re viewing as an Execution Copy before Exporting the Turn. This label will be applied to the Turn in the Turn dropdown menu.
  • API notifications will include the Execution Copy attribute as additional data or filter as required.

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