Send Protected Documents to Counterparties with Arbiter


DocJuris Arbiter is designed to transform contract negotiations by accelerating the deal-closing process with precision and accuracy. It addresses the challenges of traditional contract versioning and redline management by enabling clear, efficient feedback and negotiation. By bridging the gap between open Word documents and locked PDFs, Arbiter provides a secure, collaborative space for internal and external negotiation, ensuring document integrity and streamlining the redlining process.

Use Cases and Benefits

  • Reduce initial redlines. Enables users to set deadlines and lock specific contract sections, optimizing counterparty review and reducing redlines. DocJuris Arbiter provides a better, more fluid experience for buyers and suppliers.

  • Cleaner approvals. The DocJuris collaborative workspace empowers users to bring in internal stakeholders without clunky doc versions and endless email chains.

  • Reduce formatting problems. The DocJuris drafting pane normalizes formatting, reducing time spent on document formatting struggles for both sides of the negotiations.

  • Automates playbook application. If a playbook is set up for incoming markups, DocJuris will instantly assess the counterparty's edits against your standards, significantly reducing the time for vendor redline analysis.

How to Get Started with DocJuris Arbiter

This five-part guide walks through a simple Arbiter workflow: setup template, draft new contract, edit/protect, send, and sign. 

Part 1: Setup a Template

Part 2: Draft a New Contract

Part 3: Edit/Protect Before Sending

Part 4: Send It

Part 5: Complete and Sign