Track Turns in a Negotiation


Managing multiple versions of contracts during negotiations can be daunting, especially when tracking changes across various Word documents or PDFs in lengthy email threads. DocJuris simplifies this process by providing a contract workspace that sequentially marks each "Turn" (aka version) of the contract. Because negotiations are "asynchronous," meaning each side has a stab at a contract draft, we refer to each draft as a "turn" in a negotiation (the term "version" is too specific in contract negotiations).

Use Cases and Benefits

  • Maintain read-only past turns. Prevent confusion by keeping previous versions read-only, ensuring stakeholders always work on the latest turn.
  • Efficient comparison of changes. Automatically compare newly uploaded turns with previous ones to quickly identify changes and unnoticed modifications.
  • Clear distinction of changes. DocJuris distinctively separates change colors by party, offering a straightforward view of who made specific changes.

Managing Turns in Negotiations with DocJuris

Because counterparties often send their Turn hours/days/weeks later, it's more natural to upload Turns from the contracts dashboard when it's received (e.g., via email). The guide below uses the contracts dashboard as a starting point.