Comments and Mentions


DocJuris' comments and mentions feature empowers teams to engage in clear, internal discussions linked directly to specific contract clauses or sections. This ensures internal comments remain confidential, eliminating the need for manual cleanup before sharing with counterparties. Second, all comments, including those from a counterparty, are available in a separate, color-code pane to the left of a contract. Below is a collection of use cases followed by how-to guides.

Use Cases and Benefits

To mention someone else in your company, they must be added as a user in your DocJuris account. Internal comments are not exportable to Word. Mentioned users receive emails to read/reply in DocJuris.  

  • Comment review. Scope your review first by opening the comments pane. DocJuris makes it easy to scroll through comments on the doc in a separate scrollable pane. 
  • Clause approval. If a counterparty marked up a clause or added a comment, use an internal comment to request approval from another user by typing `@` and the approver's name.
  • Integrations. Because mentions are an integration point in the DocJuris software, your administrator can integrate them with Teams, Slack, or other communication platforms (emails are sent by default).
  • Internal Notes. Throughout your review, add notes and NTDs for your organizational purposes. This can be to remind yourself what to restart on Monday after a weekend, or you can use it for future reference later.

How to Add Comments and Mentions (3 Guides)

Don't forget to press the Comment button! Comments are not saved automatically.

Adding a Mention (Right-Click)


Replying to Comments and Mentions

Adding a Section-Level Comment