Convert and Edit Locked Docs or Encrypted PDFs


Working with a counterparty's encrypted PDF or locked Word document can be challenging during contract review and negotiation. When a .doc, .docx, or .pdf is uploaded for analysis, DocJuris automatically converts locked contract documents into an editable format that can be exported to Word in a straightforward workflow (how-to is below).

Use Cases and Benefits

  • Locked Word Documents. This can be frustrating if a counterparty sends you a contract that is read-only or restricted to track changes. With DocJuris, upload the documents and work through your edits without the pain of undo restrictions or printing.
  • Counterparty Sends Online Terms. Export the online terms to PDF and load them into DocJuris for editing. 
  • Compare PDFs. Using the compare feature, assess changes between two PDFs, or a Word to PDF and vice versa. 

How to Convert

Please look at the PDF limitations described at the bottom of this guide. Also, please remember that although track change restrictions and read-only .docx files can be unlocked, .docx files with a password to open the file will still require you to input a password.

PDF Limitations

Below are three pre-processing PDF limitations and our recommended workarounds. For clarity, these PDF problems will have a high likelihood of failure when uploaded to DocJuris.

Drawings, Gantt charts, or Non-Text Information

Although DocJuris has built-in OCR capabilities, you'll experience challenges loading PDFs with images or handling complex graphics (e.g., construction drawings or graphs). 

Workaround: Use a PDF tool to extract the legal terms from complex, hundred-page documents.

PDFs with many pages of graphics and non-text information will perform poorly.

Low-Fidelity PDFs

If a PDF is low quality and has been scanned, text recognition and conversion may come out poorly.

Workaround: use a PDF tool to enhance the scan quality or locate a higher-fidelity PDF. If you have a hard copy, scan with the highest DPI setting.

Low vs. High Fidelity scan.

PDFs with Embedded Markups

PDFs with written markups or strikethroughs will not be recognized as markups in DocJuris.

Workaround: use a PDF editor to edit the text of the terms in the PDF before loading it to DocJuris. If a comparison is needed, create two copies and run a comparison of the PDF using Analyze a Contract: 1) original without any edits and 2) revised with edits. See this guide on how to compare files.

DocJuris does not convert markups previously done in a PDF app.