Automatically Draft Amendments From Markups


Amending contracts is traditionally a cumbersome process involving multiple steps. DocJuris Amendments revolutionizes this process by automatically drafting amendments from your markups with just a few clicks. This feature simplifies the amendment process and significantly reduces the time and effort required to write binding and enforceable amendment language.

Use Cases and Benefits

  • Self-service amendment drafting. Empower business users to quickly prepare markups into formal amendments without manual effort by the legal team. Stakeholders can "just change" the scope of work, agreement, etc. in DocJuris and export a first cut of an amendment for final legal review.

    Amendments typically require awkward abstraction where drafters count sentences and abstract language.

  • Letter of Exceptions. Automatically generate a letter of exceptions when customers don’t want to deal with redlines and markups. Instead, prepare an amendment as part of the negotiation by working up your markups directly with DocJuris.

How to Generate Amendments

DocJuris reads the automated outline style of the underlying Word document when referring to sections in the amendment output. If the format of the document being amended uses manual numbering (i.e., section numbers are manually typed instead of an automated Word style), DocJuris Amendments will use paragraph references. Workarounds are described in the step-by-step below.