Automatically Generate Exception Tables From Markups


Scrolling through markups in a contract can be meticulous for review and approval. However, while they provide clarity and focus, creating a summary of exceptions (aka "exception table" or "change summaries") can be time-consuming and prone to errors. With DocJuris, your markups on a contract can be automatically exported to Word as a table with the following columns: item, section number, original language, revised language, and comments. 

Use Cases and Benefits

  • Respond faster to RFPs. Mark up customer terms and instantly export your exceptions as part of an RFP. In some industries, like oil and gas and construction, customers (or your executive management) require change summaries to be manually documented in tables that can take hours to produce.
  • Maintain a markup. Instead of maintaining a table of changes plus a markup, exception tables make it easy to work on the core document and export out the table when needed.
  • Enhance clarity in contract approvals. Offer a concise format to review changes, reducing the risk of overlooking critical changes or requiring management executives to scroll endlessly, slowing down the deal process.

How to Use DocJuris for Exception Tables

Exception Tables can also be produced from a markup/comparison uploaded for analysis. Choose the "advanced option" to continue detected markups as your edits.