Prepare Markups and Clean Copies in Word


In the DocJuris analyzer and workspace, users have a streamlined method for preparing new drafts directly back to Word without plugins or software to install. When drafts are exported from DocJuris, we always preserve the fidelity of the original document (in cases of a PDF, exports are converted Word docs). This workflow enhances the efficiency of creating and revising contracts, allowing you to produce changes and prepare execution copies with ease.

Use Cases and Benefits

  • Prepare less confusing drafts. On export, DocJuris can optionally accept incoming markups from the prior draft. This means you can work through your markup without having to "accept" changes manually — just edit the language required, and on export, DocJuris prepares a surgical markup for your counterparty.
  • One-click execution copies. Simplify the preparation of execution copies by removing comments, highlighting, and accepting all changes with a single click.
  • Generate drafts on-demand. Because you can select various options and click "download" or "email me," DocJuris allows you to set up what you want to send out. For example, easily export a clean and redline copy in a few clicks.

How to Use DocJuris for Markups and Clean Copies

A contract in DocJuris will appear in a "normalized text" interface (i.e., in a consistent, unformatted text). On export, DocJuris pushes your updates back to the original document. By design, this makes editing the base document easier.