Markup Contracts with AI Commands ✨


DocJuris AI Commands revolutionize contract review by empowering users to automatically markup clauses with predefined actions like "make it mutual," "make it balanced," and "make it more favorable to." This state-of-the-art technology aligns contracts with these pre-defined actions. This advancement cuts time out of the negotiation process, ensuring compliance and risk mitigation while maintaining data privacy and security.

Use Cases and Benefits

DocJuris' AI commands are off-the-shelf features that leverage publicly available information. Use playbooks to go deeper with customizable drafting instructions.

  • Reciprocate Clause Language. The make it mutual option helps you quickly reciprocate the rights and obligations in one or more clauses. It will carefully use affiliates and surrounding defined terms (where applicable).
  • Improve Templates. Contract templates can also use improvement, especially clauses that are excessively complex. DocJuris' simplify command removes unnecessary legalese. Just upload your contract template and re-work it with DocJuris' AI commands.
  • Advocacy Nudge. If you're negotiating language that is not covered by your playbook or the business has conveyed a concern about a particular concept in the contract, the make it favorable to . . . action will make the clause better for your company. 
  • Win-Win Negotiation. Every negotiation involves a concession. Use make it balanced or make it favorable to . . . to provide your counterparty a concession in exchange for a critical position. 

How to Use AI Commands

Single Clause

Multiple Clauses

For accuracy, speed, and reliability reasons, a max of ten clauses can be selected.